Can I Pick Your Brain?

By Chris on June 5, 2003

I’ve always been fascinated with WebBrain — for the most part a graphical representation of the DMOZ directory.

“WebBrain lets you search the Web visually, so you can explore a dynamic picture of related information, instead of searching through long lists of text. WebBrain lets you easily browse the Web and discover what’s out there. WebBrain uses TheBrain technology, which enables effective use of knowledge on the Web, the corporate intranet, and even your personal computer.”

Given a normal directory, I just wouldn’t take the time to navigate the hierarchy, but with WebBrain, watching the classifications zip in and out takes me to places on the Internet I’d never even thought about.



  1. I sat through a demo of The Brain at Intranets 2001 in Silicon Valley a few years ago. You can buy the product for use on intranets and such. It was expensive then: like $4,000 a user or something.

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