New Thunderbird Release

By Deane Barker on December 9, 2003

Mozilla Thunderbird: Thunderbird 0.4 is out. The attachment icon (the paper clip) has been broken out to its own column (instead of being overlad on the envelope — you could never see it) so you can sort on it now, and the envelope now includes “forwarded” and “replied” arrows like Outlook.

That’s what grabbed me on first glance, but the complete list of improvements is impressive. Aong them:

  • Windows users can copy and paste images (including screen shots) from the Windows clipboard into HTML mail compose.
  • A Palm Sync Address book conduit extension is now available for Thunderbird 0.4.
  • No more new mail alert notifications when the incoming messages are Junk.

That last one is fantastic. You only get notifications for the number of real emails you received.