Bombardier Embrio

By Deane Barker on December 8, 2003

Comin’ In on a Wheel and a Prayer: This is what happens when you put an engine on a unicycle. Well, this and massive internal injuries. Because, you know, unicycles just weren’t unstable enough already.

Vaguely resembling a sporty motorcycle, the uni-wheeled Embrio uses electronic and hydrogen-fuel-cell technology to help its driver zip around obstacles. A system of gyroscopes keeps it upright. In standby mode, a pair of extra wheels deploy jet-plane-like landing gear to increase longitudinal stability.

I don’t quite get it. What is the value of having one wheel over two? This doesn’t strike me as a great advance over the motorcycle.



  1. First of all, it doesn’t have to make sense; its sheer coolness makes up for that. But it could be made more maneuverable than any motorcycle, in the same way that a human being’s active balancing system turns our inherent two-legged instability into an advantage. There is room for even more advancement… The ultimate in active control would be a bike that rides smoothly on a single pogo stick.

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