Microsoft Alternatives

By Deane Barker on December 7, 2003

Just Say No to Microsoft: A comprehensive list of alternatives to Microsoft products, listed by product name. Great resource.

Microsoft isn’t evil. But it is too powerful, and consumers are being harmed by it. They’re limiting the available software, and charging us more and more for it. […] No one can stop them. No one except you, that is. You can still choose whether to buy the software Microsoft tells you to buy, or think for yourself and find your own. You can choose products from other sources… often better and cheaper ones. You can make the choice to Just Say NO to Microsoft.

For each alternative, the site tells you if it’s a close match or substitute for Microsoft’s product, an especially high-quality alternative, an inexpensive (or even free) alternative, offers a strong challenge to Microsoft’s influence, or if it’s the author’s personal selection.



  1. want a real alternative to microsoft business applications. AffinityGO is a CRM/Outllook alternative – looks and feels like a desktop application. The only downside is that it runs in IE not Firefox – at the moment. Chameleon CMS connects to it – an all in one web based e-business solution, that can be expanded to meet any business’ needs.

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