Consequences for Email and Usenet Threats

By Deane Barker on December 5, 2003

Former Global Crossing employee convicted of threatening executives on Internet: This guy was convicted today and faces 30 years in prison. He got fired from now-defunct company Global Crossing, and he wasn’t happy about it. The official charge was “using a Web site to threaten” someone.

Sutcliffe, 42, directed threats to then-chairman Gary Winnick and others. Prosecutors said he wrote in one posting directed at an employee: “I will personally send you back to the hell from where you came.”

Sutcliffe represented himself during the final weeks of the trial. In closing remarks early Thursday, he sang a song and told jurors that he “was just publishing information” when posting hundreds of company employees’ Social Security numbers and maps to some of their homes. He also said he was targeted because his Web site was critical of the company.