By Deane Barker on December 4, 2003

Weather Pulse – Weather Software by Tropic Designs Software: Despite the cheesy marketing copy, this is a pretty cool program. An hourly forcast? Now I know not to shovel snow at 3 a.m. — it’ll warm up three degrees by 4 a.m.

Display popular Satellite images and video from around the globe, share images with your friends and family, stay updated on current and expected weather conditions, it’s just plain fun!

Via Metafilter.



  1. WeatherPulse is a rip-off of Weather Watcher from Why have a rip-off when you can have the original with all of the extra features?

  2. Wow, I’d have to say this is one of the best Weather Programs I have ever seen. I’d also point out Weather Pulse is nothing like Singers and has many more features. In fact, by what I’ve seen from their web site, Weather Pulse comes out with the features and SingersCreations copies them!!

  3. Pertaining to Weather Pulse, I have to agree with Tom, it is nothing like Weather Watcher, it has features that Weather Watcher should have. Although, I have to say one thing about Weather Pulse. It is the Most Buggiest, the most unpredictable program that I have ever used.

    It seems to go into error quite a bite and when this so called diagnostic screen come up, it appears to be showing an error with other software. One day its DivX and today it was SKYPE, Go Figure.

    I find thier support non existent and their answers piss poor. I have just removed it from one of 3 machines and will probably remove it from the rest too.

    Weather Pulse has the makings of a great program here, they only need to get serious about their issues and read their own forum for complaints. This may sound kind of korny, but it saddens me to have to remove this program but until they get some problems ironed out, i will no longer run it


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