Pirillo and Slashdot

By Deane Barker on December 4, 2003

Online! The Book: Someone on Slashdot reviewed Chris Pirillo’s new book. The review wasn’t kind.

I’d only recommend this book to those who want to spend a lot of time finding the good bits, a few minutes chuckling over some of the errors, and thirty dollars on a paperweight.

Chris Pirillo reviewed Slashdot’s opinion. The review wasn’t kind.

To all the fartknockers who are visiting here from Slashdot: I’m printing out every one of your inane comments and wiping my ass with them. Grow up, get laid — or whatever you have to do to become human. Your power is dwindling and your pull is no longer as fierce as what it was once feared to be. I can handle constructive criticism, but not from retards who still live in their mother’s basement.



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