Another GTA Brouhaha

By Deane Barker on December 3, 2003

Outrage over game urging Haitian, Cuban killing: It took an awful long time for “outrage” to develop here. GTA: Vice City has been out for about a year now.

Miami’s Haitian and Cuban communities are up in arms over a top-selling computer game that exhorts players to “kill the Haitians” and “kill the Cubans.”

Haitian and Cuban representatives said on Tuesday “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” incited hate crimes and they were considering taking action, whether legal or in the form of a boycott, against creators Rockstar Games and its retailers.

File this alongside the lawsuit over sniper shootings incited by the same game. (And before you email me, yes, they were “incited” by the game. I’m not saying it’s the game’s fault, but the kids said they were imitating the game, therefore “incited” is the right word. Whether or not the game’s makers are responsible is the question.)



  1. Actually, since the kids just claim they were imitating the game, it can’t be said it incited anything.

    For instance, you’re at a concert and a riot breaks out. Someone could claim that a giant dinosaur broke into the joint and started wailing on a guitar causing everyone to riot, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

    Point is, until it’s proven in court its only allegation and the better phrase would be “allegedly incited”.

  2. you know what i am from the italian mafia and i whant to know when this grand theft auto san andrea is com to stores

  3. Rockstar puts out games which contribute to a high market demand in order to superceed profits! Want to bash them for it, then bash everything thing else corporate. De attatch yourself from a commericial society. You are just as guilty as they are and so am I and everyone else that dishes out cash to big companies. They aren’t the only ones guilty. They just want money, same thing everyone else wants. Perhaps you should instead blame society as a whole for allowing their children to wish to partake and play such games. Or for even such games to be released in the first place. You see, the unthinking masses don’t care they just want, and they get what they want so they are pleased, so they don’t think. These games help us not to think. There is a great alterior motive to these games and all things, I suggest you seek enlightment.

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