Dude, Where’s My Flying Car?

By Deane Barker on December 3, 2003

Seven flights of fancy that fizzled: My generation was totally lied to. In all the children’s books we would read about “the future,” they said we would all have flying cars.

Growing up, I didn’t care about anything else — just tell me when my flying car will be ready. Sadly, this article just confirms what I now know to be true: we were blatantly lied to about the flying cars, and, it turns out, about six other things.

…hardware is just one piece of the Skycar puzzle. You also need a “virtual highway in the sky,” a network of aerial routes through which Skycars can be guided electronically.

“If you don’t have a virtual highway, you really don’t have the means” to enable everyone to fly, Moller says.

As long as the human element is involved, Bednarek’s not willing to bet on seeing a flying car in every garage. “The fact is that it’s a lot harder to fly than it is to drive,” she says

Don’t even get me started on personal jetpacks…