Segway Revisited

By Deane Barker on December 2, 2003

I took another spin a Segway the other day thanks to Corey over at New Horizons. They were on the show floor of BizTech2003 and he let me cruise around for about half an hour.

My thoughts from the last time I rode it are the same: it’s amazing how natural it feels. For a while, I was having a cell phone call while I was screaming from one side of the conference room to the other. Never once was I afraid of losing my balance (the people in my path may have been afraid, but I wasn’t…). There’s no learning curve — it just works.

Corey had me on the slow version, but it was as fast as I was willing to go. The day before, I had spent some time walking around a quarter-million square foot manufacturing building, and I couldn’t help but think how the Segway would have come in handy.

Then I looked at my waistline, and decided the walk was probably good for me. That’s the thing with new techno gadgets — they’re all designed to make us fatter and lazier.



  1. Totally. Load that baby up with some rockets and big, meaty tires, and I’d go into battle with it. The enemy would be so in awe of my snazzy gadget, they’d be helpless to resist.

  2. I feel sorry for the other people in New Horizon’s….can you imagine Deane coming straight at you??? He’s a pretty damn big guy, and on a segway he’d look huge!

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