Why You Keep Local Backups

By Deane Barker on June 4, 2003

A client has their site hosted with a nationally-known hosting company — one of the biggest in the nation. The site went down yesterday morning. It was down for 36 hours, during which time the client was told the server was being rebuilt and they would restore from backup.

After the restore was complete, all the folders were there, but none of the files. Silence from the hosting provider. A few anxious inquiries were made, but no word from the host. Then this email arrived:

“Restoration of your files were corrupted and recovery is unavailable. The files on your domain name have been lost. We can either check a restoration backup from a specified date if available, or you must re-upload your files to your account. We apologize for this issue and regret any inconvenience of this matter.”

Local backup to the rescue…

Never assume backups are taken care of by your provider. This wasn’t a mom-and-pop outfit, either. This was a huge company that advertises on TechTV. Don’t think it can’t happen to you too.