The Lure of Frameworks

By Deane Barker on November 30, 2003

Stunting a Framework: Great opinion here about programming frameworks and the Nirvana they promise but never quite deliver. He makes the argument that you shoud stop working on (“stunt”) a framework at version 2.0 and never release another version.

Many frameworks start out simple. Someone has an idea, they code up a few classes and then tell their friends about it. People download the code and say “hmmm… if only this method was factored this way, I’d be able to subclass and do X.” Emails fly to the framework developer and invariably, the code becomes more complicated. What started out as three or four classes becomes a dozen or two. New users have to scramble over a couple dozen classes to see what makes them tick. When you unfocus your eyes a bit, you can still see those simple classes, but only if you remember them from the first version.

Personally — aside from a handful of classes, functions, and include files I keep lying around — I’ve never fround a framework worth the investing the time to master.