By Chris on June 3, 2003

Deane mentioned with great pride that he’s cheap, but admitted he’d probably pay $29 for the RSS news aggregator, Newsgator. Not to be outdone on the cheap stakes, I attempted to find a free, quality news aggregator for my own use and ran into Awasu:

“Awasu is a free Windows news-reader that runs in the background on your computer and monitors these sites for you. When it sees that something new has appeared, it will let you know. Awasu will also keep track of what you have already read which saves you even more time since you no longer need to search through your favorite sites for new stories… And using its powerful plugin architecture, Awasu can easily be customized to monitor absolutely anything at all.”

The only thing I can see that NewsGator has on Awasu is the ability to see a consolidated view of all subscriptions, so I can can sort all new items by date regardless of where they came from. Otherwise, it’s fantastic.



  1. Glad you like it :-)

    You actually can get a consolidated view of all your subscriptions. Since 1.0.3, you can generate reports on the current state of your channels e.g. all items across all feeds, just new items only, etc. The only thing it won’t do is sort them (but that will be coming soon).

    The latest release is 1.0.4 which I’ve literally just released this minute: http://www.awasu.com/goto.php?url=/downloads/1.0.4/

  2. Yep.

    Version 1.1 will be the next general public release and will be released in a few weeks. I’m just upgrading all of the documentation right now :-( Awasu will then split into two versions, the free Personal Edition and the not-free Advanced Edition.

    We are currently in the process of implementing the archiving of feeds and the ability to search them. This will turn Awasu into much more than just a plain ol’ RSS reader but instead an extremely powerful research tool. Once this is ready for general release (Q3 this year), along with some other features we have in mind, the Professional Edition will be released.

    One thing to note is that I’m not a big fan of crippling software to a great degree. Every single feature that will be in the Advanced/Pro Editions will also be in the free Personal Edition, but in a limited fashion. For example, what we have in mind right now (and this may change) is while the Pro Edition provides full archiving and search, the free Personal Edition will also allow search but for feeds received in the current session only.

    There is a lot more potential to RSS than just us techies reading each others blogs and this is what we are addressing with each new version of Awasu. We are targeting corporations who want to manage the flow of information within their organization, professionals such as journalists or scientists who need a constant flow of high-quality information, anyone who needs to monitor real-time information. Using plugins, Awasu can be extended to monitor anything at all: web sites, databases, Windows event logs, SNMP, news groups, you name it! And we believe that this will be very attractive to a lot of people.

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