Microsoft Hiring Policy

By Deane Barker on November 29, 2003

Microsoft Hiring Hypocrisy: An interesting thought on Microsoft hiring policy from Don Park.

…I thought it was amusing that a company started by Bill Gates, a dropout like me, requires its engineers to have a degree. Thinking that it might be a fluke, I checked some software architect positions at Microsoft Career pages and found that all of them requires a degree in CS or equivalent field. Obviously the job requirement for the Chief Software Architect position is different from mere Software Architect positions at Microsoft.




    I have 19+ years of experience in Recruiting I am very Sr. Some projects were Global strategies building diversified teams of Engineers throughout the world. My resume was sent to MS over 2 months ago through an internal referral stating they are having a hard time finding good Recruiters. I have over 25 references from Mangers, Directors and VP’s. A month + went by and no follow up on my resume from their internal Recruiters. Finally, a call came. I was to have a phone interview in a week. That person liked me on the phone. I was to have another phone screen “the next day” which ended up NOT happening for another week. This makes MS Recruiting process 2.5 months long so far for 2 phone screens. Then I was made an offer to come on board as a ‘sourcer’ (entry level not even Recruiting) all over the phone and no personal interview (I offered to fly there on my own dime). Well I waited so long to get into MS I thought what the heck. I was contacted again stating it would be another month before they would have me start. This brings it to 3.5 months from my initial contact. ADDITIONALLY I WAS ADVISED, I would have NO tools (access to recruiting system or job boards for sourcing resumes, or posting capabilities on job boards). I will have NO access to systems and would be receiving absolutely NO training and would be working remotely. I am to ONLY source using the users groups. They will ship me a lap top though. AND, if in the first 30 days I don’t make 4 hires “I will be cut loose.” TALK ABOUT BEING SET UP TO FAIL ! Other companies give you all the tools and I can make about 10 hires a month. I offered to fly there and put myself up in a hotel at my own expense to attend their on site training. It was declined. Since the initial MS offer I gave notice and cancelled other interviews. I was previously so excited to get an offer from MS after waiting forever to get it. However, they have taken a career that I love and turned it into a joke. How can I get 4 hires in a month when it took the internal Recruiting Consultants 2.5 months to hire me with a 1 month wait to start. 20 thousand Recruiters are looking for .NET candidates in User’s Groups. I have lost my interest in MS and have decided while I’m waiting for this month to start I will continue with interviewing for a NEW RECRUITING CONTRACT with a company that appreciates people more and does not set them up to fail. I love my career so much. I enjoy working for the best so to take care of people in offering them good companies to work for. I cannot honestly sell MS as a great place to work. I guess when your worth 44 billion dollars the little people who helped you get there are just stucky. I was willing to take a pay cut, willing to work in an entry level position. But I am not willing to sell a company to good people that I don’t believe in. Bill, just hire Sr. Recruiters to work with the Managers. You cant source good resumes without Manager contact and NO tools. You don’t need to funnel a project with multiple levels ! Disperse it. If you don’t believe in allowing your employees to use all the technology you created, that makes you a hypocrite.

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