The Joshua Project Update

By Deane Barker on November 23, 2003

I announced The Joshua Project over two months ago, and I’ve been awfully quiet about it ever since. Well, I’m proud to announce that Joshua has just released its first Web site.

Command Two is a prayer ministry focused on recruiting prayer supporters in community neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. They came to us with a need, and one of the Joshua students and I managed to put together their site just in time for a radio call-in program they were planning. It’s a solid site that really meets the needs of the ministry.

It’s mostly static HTML simplified with included files and some PHP to support the menu. The news system runs off of Movable Type, and the ministry founders have picked up on it with no problems, successfully posting news the first day.

Joshua has done a few enhancement projects to existing Web sites, but this was the first full site we delivered, and it’s a perfect example of why I created the ministry in the first place. Command Two has no budget, and they had few options for a Web site. Joshua was able to build a site for them at no cost other than domain name and hosting (total of about $65 a year), and the site does exactly what they need it to.

Joshua has two other sites currently in progress, and about three still in the planning stages. Stay tuned.