Depressing News About Offshore Outsourcing

By Deane Barker on November 23, 2003

Tech Workers’ Losing Fight to Match Overseas Wages
: Here’s an awfully depressing article about overseas outsourcing that counters some of the more positive news we’d been hearing.

Stocking shelves and hauling boxes on the graveyard shift at Target was something Ed Marx never imagined he would be doing. After 27 years as a computer programmer, Mr. Marx said, he thought his technology skills ensured he would be employed in that field for many years.

It has not turned out that way. In August 2002, Mr. Marx, 49, lost his job at the Computer Sciences Corporation, a technology contractor and services company in Moorestown, N.J. Mr. Marx and his company say he was a victim of offshore outsourcing, known as offshoring. Unable, so far, to find a full-time job in his field, he has been working at Target since September.

And just to make sure I’m doubly-screwed, the market in which I do technology work for — commercial real estate — is taking a hit from outsourcing too.

Overseas job outsourcing is not only leaving a trail of unemployed Americans, it’s leaving behind emptier office buildings and factories […] “We are losing the equivalent of one-third of the Chicago CBD every year — 53 million square feet of space not occupied and approximately $1.2 billion in rent alone — due to offshore outsourcing…”

It’s comforting to know that my primary market is being threatened by something that’s killing off my secondary market too. It’s like someone shooting at a trapeze artist while cutting holes in his net at the same time.




    A few things you need to know about illegal alien immigration:

    It has nothing to do with legal immigrants and shouldn’t. The unions of America cater to only illegal immigrants, it has been on their agenda for nearly a decade and they turned their back on U.S. workers long ago like Shylocks and charlatans. Many former heads of the AFL-CIO work for the CIA-funded National Endowment for Democracy [NED] and are in bed with Export Import Bank [Exim] and the GAO, which has lots of leverage with our total Congressional funds [the GAO building in Washington, second in federal size only to the Pentagon, and just as institutional, with near identical architecture, has for some time now had the moniker of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stuck on their wall, this is the same COE which screwed up with our New Orleans levees; the Army Corps of Engineers moniker is imprinted on the wall of the main GAO national building pedestrian entranceway— signifying their control and ownership by the Corps. Drive by and see for yourself with your own eyes!] Rentals of apartments in the USA were diving down nearly ten years ago and frightful 5 years ago. Today it is bustling with illegal immigrants who have tripled volume of tenants for real estate dealers and owners and leasors. Most of the people of New Orleans forced out of their homes by the Level 3 Katrina, and flooded out due to the poor administration and engineering of the US Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA, will never return because they cannot find jobs in the Gulf Coast. Most of those jobs have been snapped up by illegal immigrants and the illegals were encouraged by both Democrats and Republicans to do just so. The native New Orleaners and grown up in the Delta displaced are begging to return so that they can help rebuild their beloved New Orleans and Gulf Coast, the city a former spectacular black jewel and gem of the best of historic capitals worldwide, but FEMA has made next to no effort to house them or get the trailers up and running. And that was well over six months ago. The tens of millions of Americans who had been desperately living off of six or seven credit cards rather than file for unemployment insurance, or welfare or church charity help — that they would probably never even receive—and if they could get it despite the unhelpful obstacles placed in their way by the bureaucracies of many states –they would go into hiding so as not be called “white welfare niggers” by the minority that have jobs and are acting smugger and smugger as they model their behavior on Fox and MSNBC news head-givers — and these tens of millions have been sent perpetually adrift by GW Bush’s recent signing of a bill to disallow bankruptcy by strapped and hurting workers of America; but steel companies and criminally charged companies and airlines can laugh and pee on our misery and file file file away billion dollar bankruptcy claims, like a Desert Storm breeze in our Gulf region.

    1. Many of our uniformed troops in Iraq are there because times were tough and rough here jobwise in the U.S. due to all the illegal immigrant labor pool and to outsourcing to India and China. If WalMart did not hire them, it was off to war and dismemberment and death. Many families of soldiers abroad have gone to the welfare line due to transparent and cold lack of concern among the Congressmen and Pentagon about their economic and neglected plight. We live in a corporatized military time and reality, much like Greyhound Bus Services packs their buses and treats everyone onboard like they have a criminal record and are subhuman. The Greyhound should be on our national flag, and not the noble eagle any longer, it is not appropriate to represent us any longer.

    The economies of Mexico and El Salvador and all Central and South America have NEVER EVER BEEN BETTER in their histories, and our U.S. economy has never been in a worse situation, with several trillions in dangerous national debt to foreigners, and a broken industrial base, and rotten school systems that lead to overpriced commercialized money grubbing universities that cater to swarms of rich immigrants, ha! GW has put the eye of Big Brother on SALLIE MAE student loans too, disabling the advancement of many domestic students, and soon they will revolt and protest even more savagely than the independent minded French, and we are awaiting that with baited breath and yearning. Illegal immigrants work in offices as secretaries, word processors, bank loan officers, car dealer salesmen, city and county road workers, gas meter readers, HTML programmers through subcontractors with 6-month temp contracts, it is widely known that 47% of all roofers state to state are illegal Mexicans, and that is one fine job and well paid! Think of all the African Americans that excelled in jobs in Detroit auto manufacturing that would swoop down on those roofer jobs like vultures on a dead jobless legal citizen. The list is endless of great jobs the illegal immigrants have here, it is a myth that they only do “work nobody else wants to do”. They even work with no paperwork or legality in Army base high security installations! Many of them. A lot of our soldiers in Iraq are illegal immigrants and not reported upon in our news.

    Even our own unions do NOTHING to help African Americans nor blue collar workers nor our rapidly shrinking and vanishing middle class to stay afloat and to train to keep abreast of new technologies — so when these impotent and supplicating and feather lined union managers only reach out like beggars to help just the illegal immigrants to organize and strike against Big Business abuses, and not organize and assist us legals, we are in need of some new founding union fathers and a new and bolder drum and fife corps to lead the march my brothers and sisters! Lace up your boots and pump up the volume! Make some music and make yourself heard! MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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