MT Image Verification Spam Blocking

By Deane Barker on November 23, 2003

Solution for comments spams: Excellent solution.

To cut the story short, I wrote a plugin to [Movable Type] that will verify if it is a human before it allows comments to be posted. The idea is pretty simple: Display an image with a Security Code and demand the user to enter a Security Code manually before allowing posting to go through.



  1. ok but how will you stop them even if you put image codes peoeple will continue to spamm ,those wont stop them

  2. Spam like…your comment for instance? I removed the URL, just so there are no misunderstandings about your motives.

    Yes, humans can still spam, but bots can’t, and they are, by far, the most prolific.

  3. you know what? you are one pathetic geek loser and you know it is so true.

    you delete my page but you keep yours haha

    like you dont care for link popularity as well? i would simply beat hell out all of hypocrate idiots like you who cry like cry babys they aer being spammed .

  4. First of all, I fail to see how the site owner posting a link on his site to itself is spam. It also won’t increase link popularity. Google doesn’t give any value to self-referential links.

    Deane, I’d suggest hunting down Jim’s ISP from his IP address and reporting him. He’s used their connection to threaten to hack your server and also threatened physical harm. Some people aren’t too bright.

    And onto the subject of the emtry itself. No, no, no, no, no. And might I add: no.

    What you are doing by adding that sort of text is removing the ability for non-traditional browsers (screen readers, pdas, text browsers) from posting comments. If the person can’t see an image, they can’t post.

    Machines can still post comments all day long. There’s nothing at all you can do to stop them. In fact, Six Apart made it real easy to do when they created a system that is DESIGNED to let machines and bots post comments automatically. You might have heard of it. They called it TrackBack.

    And then there’s the Atom/pie/echo fiasco that contains an API allowing systems to remotely post comments.

    So why do you think spammers are going to bother with filling out comment forms?

  5. No let me say some first of all. You are very full of bull and its not against law to say you would like to beat someone ,i wasnt threatening to anyone i just said i would beat…not i will beat…

    Google cares about internal linking structure but i wont explain you that because i dont care much if you will rank good on google.

    Btw you make me laugh because you spend hours and hours on pc and you dont know how to stop spammers it is so easy but i wont tell you(btw dont say i spam)i just added my url like everyone else and my comment had sense didnt it?

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