Trouble in Friendster Paradise

By Deane Barker on November 21, 2003

Friendster Quickly Gathering Foes: There is apparently trouble in the Friendster world.

Though it remains at the top of the online social networking heap, there are increasing rumblings that some of Friendster’s earliest core users are unhappy with it. And now that they’ve found alternatives to the service, many are packing up and moving on.

This article brings up, which I keep hearing about more and more. I have a membership there, and at LinkedIn, but I’ve never quite gotten into the social networking thing.



  1. i have some trouble to get in to my prifile in frienster. i dont know why but i just some how cannot open my profile,, the layout it just came out but there’s no photo, writing, none…. what must i do then…. should i change my account in friendster ?????

  2. i got problem of signing in my frienster !!!! Why is that so ???? The password is already correct !!! My friend had just help me to sign up,but when i tried to open my frienster i cannot go in !!!! How to solve this problem ???????? I am so hectic now to solve this problem !!!!!!!!!!

  3. my friendster can’t be logged in although i’ve put my e-mail and password over ten times! why is that so? it’s pissing me off already. :( i’m now starting to search for a better “friendster-like” accounts to sign up for. but i can’t find any…well, except face book which i am so not interested in.

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