Let’s All Respond to Spam

By Deane Barker on November 21, 2003

Responding to Spammers — The Internet Strikes Back: This. Is. Brilliant. How could you organize this and make it happen? We can all have a “Respond to Spam Day.”

Today, I got so fed up with the spam I’ve been receiving (I’m up to about 300 spams a day now), that I picked two random spams, went to their web sites and typed in random data into their forms. One of those sites was even kind enough to respond with a toll free number that I could use if I was overly eager to talk to them ( 1-866-561-9216 — inaccessible from Canada). Then I asked myself my recurring question “What if everybody did this?”. I liked the answer. We’ve been going about it all wrong. We need to start responding to spam.