Blog Empire Building

By Deane Barker on November 17, 2003

Building a Web Media Empire on a Daily Dose of Fresh Links: This guy would probably qualify as the first blog magnate, with Gawker, Fleshbot (NSFW), and Gizmodo to his credit.

[Nick] Denton, a British entrepreneur and self-styled “play magazine editor,” is trying to turn blogging – once only the province of hobbyists – into a profitable, ad-supported business. But Gawker Media is not exactly gushing cash just yet.

Mr. Denton says his blogs, which also include a gadget site called Gizmodo, “are businesses with, at least for the moment, the turnover of a lemonade stand.” He says each site brings in several thousand dollars a month in revenue.

But that may be just the beginning. Mr. Denton is planning to roll out a dozen more blogs in the next year…