Inviting SCO to Sue

By Deane Barker on June 3, 2003

“Hey SCO, Sue Me”: What’s Next?: John Everitt sent this email to SCO.

“I am a Linux user. I feel that SCO’s tactics toward an operating system of my choice are unjust, ill founded and bizarre. I am willing to be sued because I am confident that SCO’s tactics toward Linux will fail. If I have published my email address as part of this petition it is so SCO representatives can email me and begin the process of serving me a court order.”

Since then, there has been a petition (now closed) that thousands of Linux users have signed inviting SCO to sue them.

Here’s the funny part: the list of signatories to the petition has been licensed under the GPL, so for SCO to access the list to actually start proceedings against the signatories, they would have to acknowledge the GPL itself.

The irony is killing me.