Myths About Longhorn

By Deane Barker on November 17, 2003

Five myths about ‘Wronghorn’: Tony McCune “translates” Microsoft’s announcements on Longhorn from PDC (I still haven’t figured out what “PDC” stands for).

Microsoft served up another dose of rhetoric that inevitably encourages locking developers and customers into Microsoft products. As far as I can tell, Longhorn is yet another Windows wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing.

Cutting through the marketing-speak, here’s my take on what Longhorn will mean for the companies, government agencies and educational institutions who will consider adoption…

Warning: this isn’t even remotely neutral….Dave.



  1. Wow. Interesting spin. I can’t find anywhere that this guy is one of us pro-Apple fanatics. Must be a Linux geek.

    I think PDC stands for Professional Developers Conference (or something similar).

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