JBoss Takes on IBM, BEA

By Deane Barker on November 14, 2003

JBoss uses voluntarism to take aim at BEA, IBM: I’m probably not an expert, but I never thought there was much money to be made in application server software. I think that’s going to go down in flames as a commodity product, just like a regular everyday Web server.

“A small, upstart company that gives away its software for free is threatening to play spoiler to big rivals IBM and BEA Systems in the hotly contested market for business software that pipes data between applications. […]

JBoss, which relies on a voluntary network of developers to build “application server” software, has won major corporate customers … JBoss, which sells services to users of its free software, has revenues of between $1 million and $10 million per year.



  1. The money in application servers in the future won’t be so much in licenses as it will be in support, consulting and training.

    Bea charges out the nose for licensing right now, but they may find that approach harder as Sun prepares to free-license its Java App Server.

  2. Sounds like JBoss is on exactly the right path then. Give away the product, make money on the services.

    Of course, there’s a cemetary full of Linux companies that tried to do the same thing.

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