The Death Clock

By on November 12, 2003

Deane’s post about reminded me of something I heard about a few weeks back; “The Death Clock: The Internet’s friendly reminder that life is slipping away…” Plug in a few vital statistics and it will give you, to the day, your estimated “Personal Day of Death,” along with a “Seconds left to live…” countdown timer. (Using Exploder in OS 9, mine is Monday, August 8, 2044. But if I use Safari in OS 10.3, I get another 18 years! What does that say about OS & browser choice?)

The site’s author acknowledges that The Death Clock isn’t at all accurate, but it does cause one to think about how little time we have left, how we’re spending that time, and what we might be able to do to extend that time. Kinda fun to play with the variables to see what you can come up with. (Try setting your mode Sadistic to see what happens!)

Lots of links to good health information scattered around on the site also. Just what the doctor ordered for those of us who spend too much time in front of CRT/LCD displays.



  1. No, you won’t be lonely. You will be eaten by a bear. He will keep you company right up until the end.

  2. will i still have a bad kidney when i die. will my bad kidney kill me. will i die a slow and painful death?

  3. My kidney shit the bed about 4 months ago and i think i am goin to die will anyone donate 4,000,000 $ to Ryan Thomas Po Box 69 Gaylord, MA

  4. When am i going to die and if i do die will i be happy, will i be with someone, will that person i am with be happy with me, will i have a kid and will i be ready to die when i doo die

  5. Everbody knows that the frekin’ death clock is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man even said its fake so frekin believe it!

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