Apple Ads Banned in U.K.

By Deane Barker on November 12, 2003

Television Advertising Complaints Reports: A few months back, some people took Apple to task over the speed claims of the new G5 saying the tests were rigged in Apple’s favor. Well, the U.K.’s Independent Television Commission just banned the G5 ads from airing in the U.K. over the same point of contention.

“The ITC considered that there was insufficient evidence to support the claim ‘world’s fastest, most powerful personal computer’. Furthermore, it shared one viewer’s doubt that the claim could be substantiated at all because, as evidence for and against the claim had shown, computers were constantly being updated and had many different applications and benchmarks. It reminded the BACC of the importance to obtain solid evidence for such absolute claims. It judged that the advertising was misleading and required that it should not be re-shown in its current form.”



  1. Even though I exclusively use Mac OS hardware and software, I’ve never been comfortable with Steve Jobs’ aggressive marketing tactics, particularly when they backfire. The current of MacWorld is a good example, where they put the “world’s fastest home computer” claim to a practical test, and the G5 comes up short almost every time.

    Apple does itself no favors by using these tactics.

    Someday, it’s going to build something that lives up to its own hype…and no one will believe it! (But that’s a problem I’d love to see Apple have.)

  2. Hello

    I am currently a student at southampton Institute studying a B.A (Hons) in design studies. I have been given a brief which requires me to choose and write a 3000 word essay on an advertising campaign of my choice.

    Although i have read about the new G5 ad campaigns and why they have not been allowed to advertise on british television i find this to be an excellent campaign to write about and would very much pleased if you were able to send me as much information on the campaign, preferably covering:

    1. Who designed the campaign (designers name and and background info).
    2. Why this approach was taken.
    3. Design process from first design to the final outcome.
    4. Was it successful and why?

    I appreciate u taking time to read this

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