Email from the Great Server in the Sky

By Deane Barker on November 12, 2003

E-Mail From the Great Beyond: I like email and all, but not this much.

“…, a new service that promises to deliver your final, heartfelt e-mail messages to your friends and relatives once you have passed on to that big cubicle in the sky.

Launched Monday by Tampa, Florida-based LifeTouch, the service lets customers store up to five messages on the company’s server until they die. At that time, a customer’s friend, relative or colleague mails a release certificate to LifeTouch, which then initiates the delivery of the messages.”



  1. Losing somebody is a hard experience. In this complicated, and sometimes unexpected moment, it would be really important to bring comfort and support to our beloved ones by leaving a love message or just a goodbye.

    That’s why was created. This site is after all a way of celebrating life, memories and all the things that we love most. With our service you will be able to write messages, which will be delivered after your death to the ones you’ve chosen. You will also be aloud to change the messages anytime you need from anywere you want, adding images, videos, music or anything else you would like to.


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