Memory Glasses

By Deane Barker on November 11, 2003

Memories in the Corner of My Eye: This strikes me as more than a little freaky. The line between human and machine is blurring too much these days.

“Help may be on the way from a pair of specs dubbed the memory glasses. The specs have a tiny television screen embedded into one of the lenses and are hooked up to a PDA.

The PDA can be programmed to send messages or images to the screen. Each prompt is geared to jog the wearer’s memory — whether it is an image of a soccer ball, the day’s calendar or the name of the guy who just said hello.”

I’m envisioning a day when things like these glasses are semi-surgically implanted. Sometime in the future, you’ll get up in the morning and put on your cellphone headset, just like you put on your contact lenses today. Then, one day, they’ll come out with a cellphone that you can wear for 30 days without taking off. And then, one day, someone will advertise surgery to just eliminate the hardship of having to put on your cellphone at all.



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