Behold the Micro-pub

By Deane Barker on November 11, 2003

The Dawn of the MicroPubs: Actually, I thought this was an article about small bars, but it turned out to be good nonetheless. It’s about the rise of “micro publications” — sites, usually blogs, that are narrow to one particular topic.

“Micro-pubs have a narrow and extreme focus on one niche category; Micro-pub editor/founder is an expert in his chosen arena; Micro-pubs use open source tools and a content management system like Moveable Type or pMachine; Micro-pubs all command very high CPM rates because of their narrow focus; Micro-pubs are more than just a blog, I.e. they have a mix of links and original reporting; Micro-pubs only work with a skeletal crew — add more people and the business model of these micro-pubs breaks down.

In short, micro-pub is a combination of old fashioned newsletter, blog and a directory service, managed by one to ten people.”

So is Gadgetopia site a micropub? I don’t think so. It goes back a point I made earlier — you need a very narrow focus. Gadgetopia is all over the map in terms of content areas.

Now, if we just focused on content management or Internet law, then maybe we’d have something.