VR Chess Match

By Deane Barker on November 10, 2003

Rage Against the (Chess) Machine: Once again, Gary Kasparov challenges a computer in chess, this time without a board.

“The match is the ‘first official world chess championship in total virtual reality,’ proclaims organizer X3D in the best carnival-barker tradition. ‘A chess spectacle like none ever seen before.’

Playing a special version of Fritz, which has been given a 3-D interface, Kasparov will sit in front of a monitor wearing a pair of 3-D glasses. The board will appear to float in front of Kasparov’s face. Keeping it virtual, Kasparov will use voice commands to stop the clock and move his pieces.”

Can chess have “spectacles”? I know how to make a chess spectacle: make the pieces move by remote control. And give them weapons. Of course, now we have BattleBots, but still.