By Deane Barker on November 5, 2003

Nattyware / Pixie: I just saw this on TechTV a couple of minutes ago, and it fills a need I’ve had for a long time. When I’m trying to decipher a color, I’ve been known to crank open FrontPage just to use its color picker.

“Pixie is an easy-to-use, fast and tiny utility designed especially to fit the needs of Webmasters and Designers. Its a colour picker that includes a mouse tracker. Run it, simply point to a colour and it will tell you the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of that colour.”

It’s free, and only 8KB, though it manages to soak up 2 MB of RAM if you leave it sitting in the system tray.



  1. Not to gloat, but I think the built-in Color Picker showed up on the Mac as a system extension back in System 7.1 (1991), and does this same thing. It’s accessible by any application that makes use of color in any way, but some apps do a better job than others in using it. For those that don’t use it well, there’s the DigitalColor Meter that Apple tosses in with a default install that fills in the gap for any app that doesn’t make good use of Color Picker. (It just told me that Gadgetopia uses “#6AA56E”, or R-27242 G-42405 B-28270, or R-41.6% G-64.7% B-43.1% for the green in the title bar.)

    And don’t get me started on ColorSync and all the great color tools that come with OS X. They just keep getting better!

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