Novell Buys SuSE

By Deane Barker on November 4, 2003

Yahoo! News – Novell to Buy SuSE Linux for $210M: Wouldn’t it be rich if Linux came back to take the desktop, thus letting Novell beat Microsoft in the end? There’s such poetry there that fate just has to make it happen.

“Novell Inc., a software pioneer that was badly battered as it tried take on Microsoft Corp. in the 1990s, jumped back into the fray Tuesday with a deal to acquire operating system vendor SuSE Linux AG for $210 million in cash.

Combined with recently acquired Ximian Inc., the SuSE purchase would make Novell one of the top suppliers of Linux, which has been growing in popularity in recent years as an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and other proprietary software.”

I remember when Novell essentially ran every network.