Make Sure You Have Content Worth Managing

By Deane Barker on November 4, 2003

Content management: web publishing needs real discipline: This is so true. These’s nothing more pointless than a massive content management intiative to manage crappy content.

“Too many organizations take an unprofessional approach to the content they publish on the Web. Many web managers still seem to believe that if they get the technology right the publishing will look after itself. Quality publishing requires skill and discipline. Unfortunately, discipline is something many web teams are lacking.”

I’ve always looked at a Web site as a triangle. The three points are design (how it looks), functionality (what it does), and content (what it contains). There are so many people eager to do points one and two, but not so much enthusiasm for point three. There are a lot of Web sites out there that are all dressed up with nowhere to go (hence, Flash intros…).



  1. That statement makes me want to make a flash intro to gadgetopia that illustrates that triangle idea, then makes it dance around with a little hat on.

    Also, you’d have to punch the hat off of it to gain access to the main page.

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