The Perfect Wiki

By Deane Barker on November 4, 2003

I got to thinking about wikis a little more last night, and I started to wonder where the dividing line between wikis and blogs lay. What makes a wiki a wiki? And what annoys me so much about wikis?

Here are some thoughts about the state of wiki, how they’re like blogs, and what I’d consider the perfect wiki platform.



  1. All of these things exist already. Where do you want your page summaries – in search results or topic summaries, right?

    I would check out MoinMoin or the wiki engine list at C2. And hmm..come to think of it, it may be that ZWiki (the wiki I started with because you could have Zope and ZWiki up and running in like 15 minutes…) does all of that, too. Plus you get all that zopey goodness.

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