Hotmail Upgrade Coming

By Deane Barker on November 3, 2003

Hotmail Overhaul on the Way: Some changes over at Hotmail. If you log into your account, they have a Flash demo of what’s to come. The biggest thing is mailing sorting, and Hotmails edging towards what I think is the future of email clients: blacklisting (to one extent or the other) everyone except those people in your address book

“‘A big focus for us is to give people e-mails from known senders,’ says Grothaus. ‘A Today page will be the default page and will include the e-mails from known senders. The idea is to provide quick access to the e-mails that you know you want.’”

I’m to the point where all email from people not in my address book goes to an “Unkown Senders” folder to be reviewed later, and this is after the mail gets through SpamKiller and the Thunderbird Junk Mail filtering. If you get to my Inbox, I’m pretty sure you’re legit.

Also of note in this article: there are 130 million Hotmail accounts in operation. 130 million. Damn. Good thing Hotmail runs on Unix.