Another General Look at Wikis

By Deane Barker on November 3, 2003

What is a Wiki?: Yes, there have been a lot of articles trying to explain exactly what a wiki is, but this one is realy, really good. If you only read one general articles about wikis, make it this one.

“Wikis can be used for a large variety of tasks, from personal note-taking to collaborating online, creating an internal knowledge base, assembling an online community, and managing a traditional website. The possibilities might make wikis seem like a daunting system, but commitment to simplicity makes wiki tools a breeze.”

I’ve worked with PHPWiki some, and it’s quite good. What it needs, however, is for each page to have a summary or a description that you can use to describe it. Like a blog — each entry hass a title and a preview. I’ve never seen the same thing with a wiki — the menus are just long lists of page names with no descriptions.

I’ve also played around with Twiki, but that one took the wiki concept too far. All the configuration and settings were in the form of wiki pages themselves. There was no meta — the wiki was managed via…the wiki. Confusing.