Warning: Internet Reached Max Capacity

By on November 3, 2003

It must be true, cuz the e-mail I got today said so. At least the subject line did.

Warning:  Too Many Websites!

Guess how many websites there are on the Internet? I wish I knew the answer, but I guarantee you it is in the tens of millions. Yep, millions of websites out there all desperately fighting over a small amount of customers…

And you think that if you put a website you’ll make money?

Oh no! What are we to do?! Thankfully, this kind soul even has a solution to the problem:

There is a shortage of customers, and a surplus of websites selling products… so, what if you could make money off of all the websites instead of fighting over the few customers that there are?
You can! There is a ridiculously simple way that you can use other people’s websites to make a good income online, no matter what your experience is.
What the heck, I’ll even let you make money off my site!

What a guy!



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