Symantec and the NRA

By Deane Barker on November 3, 2003

Symantec Says No To Pro-Gun Sites: The new version of Symatec’s Internet Security 2004 has filtering software that will block most pro-gun and gun-rights sites under the category of “weapons.” This includes all of the NRA’s Web site.

“My rather informal test still raises the spectre that a large corporate entity may be clandestinely trying to sway you or your child’s political views by censoring content from one side of a political debate. This is indeed chilling, especially considering that such software is required to be used in libraries to protect children.”

Great, with the Oracle / PeopleSoft thing dragging, we needed another lawsuit to spice things up around here.



  1. I’ve written the CEO of Symantec to complain about this censorship, sending a copy to Wayne LaPierre. While Symantec did not reply, Mr. LaPierre sent a warm letter thanking me for writing. Mr. LaPierre, like me, was troubled that Symantec censors the NRA, but gives full access to Sarah Brady’s organization’s site. A double standard, it seems

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