Cell Phone Recycling

By Chris on November 1, 2003

CollectiveGood and Staples have teamed up to recycle those old cell phones you have laying about in the bottom of drawers, or stashed away in a cardboard box in the basement.

It is estimated by 2005 there will be 500 million obsolete cell phones. Landfills are not a real option due to the toxic materials in the phones that would be harmful if disposed of that way.

“CollectiveGood and Staples now offer a nationwide Mobile Devices Recycling program in all Staples stores that makes it easy for customers to recycle their used cell phones, PDAs, pagers and rechargeable batteries. Customers can recycle these devices by simply dropping them off while they shop at their local Staples store.”

So on November 24, when you switch cell phone service knowing you can keep your number but then finding your phone is now obsolete with the new provider, think about this program.