3D17: The Anti-Wiki

By Deane Barker on November 1, 2003

3D17.org: 3D17 is kind of like a wiki, but without the default functionality of allowing everyone to edit everything. It’s wiki-like in the sense that it lets people create arbitrary pages, but then further changes (“amendments”) are collected and voted on.

“People often talk to communities, but how do communities talk back? 3D17.org aims to answer that question by allowing a large number of people to collaboratively create some text, be it a letter, fax, or email. Have you ever thought what kind of letter the combined intelligence of 1,000 people might produce to support your opinion? 3D17 will answer that question.”

This could, actually, help a lot of people. The “wiki religion” considers unfettered editing as gospel, but I think it puts off a lot of potential users. While I like the concept in general, peace-love-and-happiness terms, people are naturally territorial about their content. 3D17 may address some of those concerns.