Decloak’s Anti-CSS Diatribe

By Deane Barker on November 1, 2003

Tables vs CSS: Decloak makes a number of extensions for (I think) DreamWeaver and ASP.Net. Apparently some of their Web authoring tools don’t support CSS positioning.

So, instead of adding CSS positioning support, or just ignoring the issue, they launched an offensive against using CSS positioning. This page is a bizarrely impassioned plea for a business site — they seem very upset that users would even consider using CSS in this way.

On the topic of CSS making page rendering faster:

“MYTH. FALSE. UNPROVEN. (and if not a myth, how much faster?) ….Has this actually been proven on a variety of web sites? Has there actually been a true performance test done? As far as I can tell, I cannot see, or notice, a bit of difference between a full CSS web site and nested tables web site. What about the size of that initial .css file….that’s going to be bigger; and then…. if you have one main .css file… who says they are going to visit enough pages on your web site anyway to really enjoy the benefits of having that extra large .css file download initially. Don’t you want that first page to be fast?”

The interesting thing here, is how much of this is correct? People blogging about this are very interested in the messenger, but not the message (and rightfully so, as it’s awfully strange). But, who knows, Decloak may have some valid points in here. They just went about the message the wrong way.

Via Anil Dash.