By Deane Barker on November 1, 2003

Lindows.com – Michael’s Minutes: Apparently somone found a FrontPage meta tag on one of the pages on the Lindows site, and they contacted the company about it. This announcement was made shortly after.

“…we’re kicking off Nvu (pronounced N-view). This product will bring to Linux a solid WYSIWYG HTML editor which does have the web publishing abilities of products like FrontPage. We’re leveraging some of the code base and engineers from the open source Mozilla Composer effort to create a new product that will give Linux desktop users a high-quality HTML publishing tool. We’re looking for other developers to help in this initiative and you can find more information at www.nvu.com. “

I’ve always thought that Mozilla Composer had some untapped potential. It was solid, but missing a few pieces to become a real threat: CSS support, for one.

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