Revenge By Font Exclusion

By Deane Barker on October 29, 2003

Macintosh OS X 10.3 Panther: no Microsoft web fonts?: Ho ho, you may build a better OS, but you can’t have our fonts! Try to imagine a world without verdana, Dave, just try.

“I’m not sure about this, but Apple may have stopped including the Microsoft core web fonts in the Panther 10.3 install. Ever since Explorer came out on the Mac, the install has included Microsoft’s now-ubiquitous web fonts, including the ever-popular Verdana, Trebuchet, Arial, and Georgia. But my Archive & Install of 10.3 has the web looking very different, as Verdana, Arial, or Trebuchet fonts render as Helvetica, Georgia as Times… Take a look at a site like Amazon, which uses Verdana all over; in Safari on 10.3, you get it as Helvetica. The bummer is that Helvetica renders smaller than Verdana, making the small type sizes a little less legible.”



  1. That’s ok; Tahoma works just fine for me.

    Previous builds of OS X installed Internet Exploder by default, and I guess included the MS web font set. Now Apple has Safari, so who needs MS anyway?

    Besides, I hoard fonts like you do e-books, and I NEVER throw anything away. I’ll never use but a small percentage of them, but the important thing is that I have them! And if I ever want the MS font set back, all I’d need to do is re-install any MS app, which throws in all the fonts Bill thinks I need, regardless of what I prefer.

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