Think First, Blog Second

By on October 29, 2003

Recently a couple of bloggers have discovered the unintended consequences of blogging.

Greg Easterbrook made some comments regarding the favored religion of the heads of Disney and Viacom. He gets to keep his job with The New Republic, but his weekly Tuesday Morning Quarterback piece on ESPN’s Page 2 is a thing of the past.

This guy took an innocent photograph on his way to work. Next day he finds himself among the unemployed.

Based on these experiences I would recommend that anybody maintaining a blog keep it and their employment completely separate. Makes me glad that I generally take nature and sporting event pictures for my personal site.



  1. yeah…but he was right. the entire “entertainment” industry has lost all sence of values except that of the all might dollar.

  2. The one comment about Microsoft making Office for the Mac is pretty funny. Obviously they need Macs for development so the content itself of the picture is pretty harmless.

    Taking pictures of inventory while on the job is pretty stupid though. It’s not the whole world’s business what computer’s Microsoft — or any company — is buying unless they release that information themselves.

    Employee blogging is something that should be like walking across a mine field. Even if you are the employer, it still requires a think first, blog second mentality.

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