iPod me-toos are here

By on October 28, 2003

Once again with the iPod, Apple Computer led the way, proved there to be a viable market for something not done before, and now the others are coming out with their own versions. Dell just released its Dell DJ in 15 and 20GB versions, right along with a rip-off of Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Dell has teamed up with MusicMatch to create Dell Jukebox which will be selling mp3 downloads for the same price as Apple’s IMS.

The Dell Music Store also features Dell Jukebox software powered by Musicmatch, which provides a simple graphical interface between the computer and Dell DJ and access to Musicmatch Downloads. This no-subscription service allows users to legally download their choice of more than 250,000 songs for only 99 cents each and most albums for $9.99. Musicmatch plans to offer more than 500,000 tracks by the end of the year.

And Samsung will soon be releasing its iPod killer, the YP-910S. Matthew Fordahl, tech writer for Lycos, has a review of the device, and it looks like it’s got a feature or two up on Apple, all for the same price as Apple.

I wonder if they’ll work on Macs too. Hmmm… doubtful.

Ok Steve and Co… Time for Round Two.