What’s the Future of United Linux?

By Deane Barker on October 27, 2003

Opinion: Should UnitedLinux Boot SCO?: UnitedLinux was formed several years ago in an attempt to bring some continuity to Linux distributions — unite file system structure, etc. One of the four founding members was Caldera…now SCO. Hilarity ensues.

“…in March of 2003, the organization’s unity appeared to be torn asunder when SCO Group filed a US$1 billion lawsuit against IBM, alleging that IBM misappropriated Unix source code — to which SCO owns the copyright — and used it to speed the development of Linux. IBM has denied the charges and filed a countersuit against SCO. […]

Some industry observers now suggest what just a year ago would have been unthinkable: that UnitedLinux should jettison SCO. Such a move would be particularly odd, given that SCO ‘was one of the main founders and drivers [of UL],’ DiDio said.”