Did Microsoft Funnel More Money to SCO?

By Deane Barker on October 26, 2003

Is Microsoft Behind SCO’s $50 Million Cash Infusion?: Rumors are flying that Microsoft has found a new way to funnel money to SCO — back-door financing on the war with Linux.

“Hot on the heels of The SCO Group’s announcement that BayStar Capital has invested $50 million in the company, questions are being raised about whether Microsoft Corp. may have had a role in that investment.

[…] people in the open-source community are far from convinced. They cite the myriad of investment holding and other companies that firms like Microsoft can hide behind when making investments.

‘There are many ways to hide the money trail. Something still smells funny. An angel has landed for SCO but who’s string is attached?’ one questioned.”

Microsoft seems to using SCO the same way the Soviets used the North Vietnamese.