Mambo Server

By Deane Barker on October 26, 2003

Mambo Open Source: Mambo server is a PHP/MySQL-based content management system. The marketing material doesn’t reveal much:

“Mambo Open Source is the finest open source Web Content Management System available today. Mambo Open Source makes communicating via the Web easy. Have you always wanted to have your own site but never understood how? Well Mambo Open Source is just the ticket!

With Mambo Open Source there is no need for HTML, XML or DHTML skills, just enter your content, add a picture and then through the easy to use administrator web-interface …click Publish!”

What I was a little intrigued with were the sample sites they highlight. None of them look the same. Like we’ve mentioned before, sites running PostNuke and such all tend to look the same for some reason. These Mambo sites, however, are remarkably disparate. I wouldn’t pick any of them for having a CMS.

One drawback to Mambo: ugly, ugly URLs.



  1. Mambo SEF Mambo Advanced SEF and Mambo dSEF wil al handle your url’s if you want.. with or without rewrite-engine ;)


    There is an apache version of URL rewrite’s as well. I don’t recall the URL for that one. Basically you create a little ini file that maps crazy URLs to easily readable ones. Also, the link freeze is a good one too cause you don’t have to write any of it, it cleans them up for you….

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