Creo Tokens

By Deane Barker on October 24, 2003

Creo Tokens – Creo: Found this via Joel Spolsky who explains it a little better than this marketing copy.

“A Token is like a shortcut or alias that you can send via e-mail or instant message. With just one click you can create a token, and no matter how large the files you want to send are, the token representing them will be very small — just a few KB. Anyone you send a token to can then download the free Creo Token Redeemer software, and with one click redeem the token and download the files. It works for anything — a single file, an entire folder, a huge movie. It’s simple!”

I installed it, and while it seems cool, I don’t have any tokens to redeem. Someone send me one.



  1. Tokens is cool, but how is it different from FileCourier ( It looks like it has the same core functionality and approach. Except that the receiver of their “FileTicket” doesn’t need any software at all other than a browser. Lets hope that this is just CREO’s first step in a master plan to give FileCourier a bit of competition…. lets see some sparks!

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