The Fake Detective

By Deane Barker on October 23, 2003

There’s a guy named Ed Lake that apparently spends all his time proving that pornographic images of celebrities are not real, and were in fact created in Photoshop. He takes an image, examines it pixel by pixel, proves it’s a fake, and often finds the “body” in another picture. It’s fascinating.

In some instances, he’s found that the picture of the celebrity that was used to create the pornographic image is itself a fake — a composite of several other images that the (legitimate) photographer thought looked better than the original.

He has a Web site, and I’ve visited it, but as I was creating this entry, I found this note:

“Please Do NOT Create Links to this web site! Since this a free site that operates as a ‘public service’, I cannot afford unlimited hits.”

So, no link. But remember that he’s called the fake detective, and you should be able to figure it out. Also be warned that there’s porn on this site. It’s there for an obvious reason, of course — to be debunked — but it’s porn all the same.

I found this via a Wired article with the hysterical title of “These Are Definitely Not Scully’s Breasts.” I don’t know why I found that so funny.