The Concorde

By Deane Barker on October 22, 2003

Concorde flies into history: This is really too bad. The Concorde always represented something so cool that actually worked. When I was a kid, “The Future” meant we were all supposed to have flying cars. That didn’t happen, but the Concorde was something right off the pages of a sci-fi magazine. It was like a spaceship that you could conceivably get to ride in one day.

“When three of British Airways’ fleet of seven Concordes touch down within minutes of each other at London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday it will mark the end for one of the technological feats of the last century and a symbol of Anglo-French cooperation.

Air France, the only other carrier to operate Concorde, retired its fleet in May of this year because it was not making enough money while BA continued its service between London and New York. Both airlines say they are giving their fleets to museums.”



  1. “Both airlines say they are giving their fleets to museums.”

    Do you suppose we could put together an air museum real quick in Sioux Falls and get one of these puppies? Think of the flight simulator we could make out of a Concorde!

  2. The Concorde is on its final flight as we speak, filled with celebrities and true lovers of the Concorde. According to a Reuters news story, “Ohio businessman David Hayes and his wife Patty bought two tickets on the final flight for $60,300 on an Internet blind charity auction.” Not cheap, but he’ll have something to talk about forever.

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